Gain New Customers With Our Sweepstakes List

Sweepstakes are an excellent way for businesses to generate leads lists. Usually, they offer an interesting promotion, giveaway, or bonus in return for the contact details of the customers. Our sweepstakes lead lists contain actively-engaged consumers from these contests who have opted-in to hear about great offers, products, and services from relevant brands. Our customizable sweep leads list comes with more than just contact information like addresses, emails, and phone numbers, they also contain valuable demographic and lifestyle details about the consumers.
Running a sweepstake is a great excellent marketing strategy for generating qualified leads. Unfortunately, developing, running, and marketing sweepstakes in-house can be very time-consuming and costly for businesses. When you purchase a sweepstakes leads list from Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing, you can save your time, resources, and labor. Instead, you will simply obtain these qualified leads. Then you can focus your energy instead on building relationships with this lucrative segment of active, promotion-loving consumers.

Choose A Trusted Leads Provider For Your Sweeps Lists

Sweepstakes lists are the most effective leads lists on the market. That is because these customers are eager to hear about great offers. Unfortunately, you cannot just purchase a sweepstake leads list from any list provider. That is because sweepstakes leads are highly time-sensitive. So you need to choose a trusted leads list provider like Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing for your sweepstakes leads lists.
Our team updates our leads daily with the newest and most relevant information about the contacts. We use strict quality protocols to vet and verify all of our information and use certification systems like the NCOA (National Change of Address) and the CAAS (Certified Address Accuracy System) to guarantee the highest possible level of accuracy. Further, we have one of the largest and most accurate databases on the market. We can cross-reference all of our data points for accurate information.

Our sweepstakes leads are not only timely and accurate, but they contain people who have opted into hearing directly from you.

Nationwide Sweepstakes Leads

Our sweepstakes leads contain consumers from different geographic areas all over the United States. If you are looking to target a specific city, state, or county, we can help you target your leads down to the neighborhood. If on the other hand, you are looking to reach consumers in a specific region or throughout the entire US, we’ll provide you with the all regional sweepstakes leads that meet your regional market needs. You can even narrow your leads down to rural, suburban, or urban dwellers. Talk to your Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing account representative about your geographic market and we’ll be happy to custom a leads list to meet your business goals.

Types Of Sweepstakes Leads We Offer

We offer sweepstakes leads from a variety of sources including:

  • Handwritten Sweepstakes
  • Mail-In Sweepstakes
  • Online Sweepstakes
  • Social Media Contests
  • Text/SMS Sweepstakes
  • Call-In Sweepstakes
  • Radio And TV Contests
  • Trade Show Contests
  • Dropbox Sweepstakes

People entering these sweeps are often looking to win:

  • Travel And Vacations
  • Vehicles
  • High-End Electronics
  • Cash Prizes And Gift Cards
  • Popular Products And Discounts
  • Tickets To Sports And Entertainment Events
  • Experience Prizes Like Meeting Celebrities

Why Are Sweepstakes Such A Great Way To Obtain Qualified Leads?

Did you know that on average 34% of new customers are acquired through business sweepstakes and contests? On top of that, compared to other marketing channels, sweepstakes have a 3.7% higher conversion rate for companies. That is because the people who enter sweepstakes are typically already engaged in the product or service offerings of the business. By signing up for sweepstakes, they are expressing a high degree of interest. Thus, they are automatically qualified leads.
Furthermore, on average 33% of the people who enter sweepstakes opt-in to hearing offers from companies that meet their interests. It is these consumers who have opted in that are on our sweeps leads lists. Not only are they qualified leads, but they are also some of the hottest leads available.

What Types Of Consumers Enter Sweepstakes And Contests?

Almost everyone has entered a sweepstake or consumer contest in their lives. Demographically 53% of sweepstakes participants are male, while 47% are female. The average age of a sweepstakes contestant is 30. However, these demographics range depending on who is running the sweepstakes. A business like a life insurance provider is going to attract an older demographic of contestants. While a gaming company would attract a younger demographic.
Another thing that makes sweepstakes participants a great target is they are very interested in promotions and deals. They are also known to be impulsive shoppers and are some of the most ready-to-purchase prospects available. Further, the average sweepstakes leads form contact at least 10 fields. So they have also shared their lifestyle, interests, and pain points. This makes matching your products and services to their needs. Think about sweepstakes participants this way: If they are interested and engaged enough to fill out a long form, then they are interested and engaged in learning about your products.
Sweepstakes leads are also ideal for causes like political campaigns, non-profits, and movements. As consumers, they are willing to go above and beyond for the products and services they want. They are just as active when it comes to the causes they believe in. They are a great group to target when you need to mobilize support around things like public health issues, social movements, and political action.
One of the best parts about sweepstakes lists is that every type of company can benefit from access to this eager market. Whether you are a business-to-customer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), or a non-profit, you can benefit from a sweepstakes lead list. By offering customizable sweeps leads lists, we can match the sweeps leads with your buyer personas to ensure you are targeting your ideal demographic.

3 Key Ways To Use A Sweepstakes Leads List

All the consumers have opted into hearing from businesses just like yours. They have also provided all of their contact information. So you can use several marketing channels to contact the leads including:

  • Telemarketing: Telemarketing is an excellent way to directly reach customers. With our leads list, these customers have opted-in to being contacted by telephone.
  • Short Message Service (SMS)/Text Messaging Marketing: SMS marketing has one of the highest ROIs of any modern channel. Our sweepstakes leads contain all the information you need to reach out with a short text that converts.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective marketing channels. With our sweepstakes lead lists, you can optimize your email marketing efforts with deep personalization, leading to a higher open, clickthrough, and conversion rates.
  • Direct Mailers: Direct mailers are a great way to cut through the noise and reach customers when they are ready to receive your message.

Once you’ve decided on your marketing channel, here are three of the key ways that you can market to the customers on our sweepstakes leads lists:

  1. Introduce Your Company

Company introductions are a great first step to building a relationship with customers. As these customers have already expressed interest in your industry, the leads list offers a great opportunity to introduce your company to a new market. You can share what you do, your background and mission, and show the benefits of purchasing from you.

  1. Showcase Your Products And Services

With all the data points on our sweepstakes leads lists, it is easy to match your products and services with a customer’s unique needs. Our leads lists offer easy segmentation, personalization, and the ability to address customer pain points. Make sure to include eye-catching product photos and other branded assets to entice them to purchase.

  1. Announce Promotions

Sweepstakes leads have shown that they love a good promotion. One of the best ways to reach out and guarantee a high rate of response is to entice them with an offer, coupon, or other business promotion. If you have a big marketing push coming up, a sweepstakes lead could be a great tool to increase sales.
There are so many ways to use our sweepstakes leads list. Contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing to learn more and see how you can use this list.

Is A Sweepstakes Leads List Right For My Business?

In general, our sweepstakes leads list can benefit most businesses. Consumers from every demographic and lifestyle enter sweepstakes. No matter your buyer personas, our sweeps lists can help you connect with them directly. The best part about sweepstakes leads is they are fresh. These are not just generally active consumers, they are consumers who are actively purchasing products and services right now. They are a great way to boost an existing marketing campaign and launch a new one.

If you’re not sure if our sweeps leads list is right for you, contact us. Our helpful account representatives will help you identify what leads lists will be best for your business goals.

What Industries Can Benefit From Sweeps Lead Lists?

Almost all industries can benefit from a sweepstakes lead list. Here are just some of the industries that can benefit:


Did you know that the number one industry that runs sweepstakes is entertainment? Brands that work in movies/television, music/radio, and live shows gain a significant portion of their customers from sweepstakes. If you are in the entertainment industry, our sweeps lists are perfect for your business. Rather than the hassle, expense, and labor of running a sweepstake, you can just obtain qualified leads.

Travel And Hospitality

Fun fact: Travel offers are the most popular category of prizes in sweepstakes. By entering the sweepstakes, these individuals have expressed a desire to travel and take a vacation. Travel agents and websites, hospitality businesses like hotels, resorts, and short-term rentals, as well as, tour companies can all benefit from these sweepstakes lists. In 2023, travel is expected to grow by 40%. When you showcase great deals, travel packages, and fantastic getaways, they’ll be eager to learn more.

Astrology/Lucky Coins

Customers who have entered sweepstakes are typically customers who want a bit of good luck in their lives. They love to see astrologers, palm readers, and psychics. They also love to acquire items that they believe bring them luck such as lucky coins, charms, and jewelry. If you are in any of these industries, our sweeps list is perfect to add to your marketing strategy.

Automotive Companies

Another one of the most popular prizes for sweepstakes is a new car. These sweepstakes participants have already expressed an interest in a new vehicle by entering. They also are communicating that they drive an older model vehicle or a base-level model vehicle they want to upgrade. While they may not be ready to make the purchase today, you will be fresh in their minds when they are ready to get into a new car. So this list is not just great for car manufacturers, but it is also ideal for mechanics, service companies, and car washes to maintain the vehicle.

Financial Services

Consumers who enter sweepstakes and other promotion contests are often looking to improve their lifestyles. They want the new car, the high-end appliances, and the escape to luxurious destinations. Financial services like wealth management, investment advising, and personal finance can help them achieve these goals. Providers of financial services can all see an excellent return from our sweepstakes leads list.

Credit Cards/Loans

Beyond financial services, this market is also ideal for credit card and loan providers. As these consumers have shown, they are looking to improve their quality of life. They are impulsive shoppers who take advantage of financial programs like credit cards and loans to meet their lifestyle goals. They are especially engaged in financially lucrative offers like great cash back and airline points.


Entering sweepstakes is technically a form of gambling. Thus, these are the ideal consumers for gambling businesses like casinos, keno bars, and online poker companies. These customers have already shown they are interested in gambling, especially if the reward is attractive.

Games And Apps

Sweepstakes participants love gaming. Sweepstakes and promotional contests are a form of gaming. If you are a game developer, app developer, or gaming console provider, this is an ideal leads list for your industry. You’ll connect with active customers who love to have fun and play games.

Wellness And Sports Nutrition

One of the key psychographic qualities of the customers on a sweepstakes list is they want to improve their lives. A great way to do this is by getting healthy. So health and wellness companies like supplement manufacturers, weight loss programs, and personal trainers can all benefit from access to this active consumer list. They especially love results-based marketing which is a popular marketing pitch from wellness companies.

Nonprofits, Political Campaigns, & Causes

One of the most interesting characteristics of sweepstakes leads is they are people willing to go the extra mile for what they want. They are an incredibly passionate and driven customer segment. They are often also excellent organizers who will show up for a cause they believe in.

Technology And Gadgets

One of the other characteristics of sweepstakes participants is that they love new things and engage in impulse buying. Technology and tech gadget providers that offer solutions to their pain points, attractive benefits, and overall meet their needs, have a great rate of return on our sweeps lists.


Insurance providers can also benefit from the sweepstakes list–especially home, auto, and life insurance. These providers offer coverages that everyone needs, but especially people who are actively working to improve their lifestyle. Insurance providers that offer low cost and high value, as well as promotions are very attractive to this market.

Security Companies And Identity Theft Protection

Sweepstakes participants are individuals willing to share their personal information in exchange for the chance to win a prize. Unfortunately, because of this willingness, they are often targeted by unscrupulous individuals. Companies that provide personal security services like home security systems, identity theft protection, and online privacy are highly valued by these individuals.

Get Hot, Qualified Leads From Your Trusted Partner

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has one of the largest databases on the market. We offer a full range of specialty contact lists full of hot leads. Our sweepstakes lead lists are highly accurate and up-to-date. As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned business, we pride ourselves on our integrity. When you purchase a leads list from us, you not only get a high-quality, accurate list, but you also get incredible customer service. Our lists contain all the data points needed for segmenting, hyper-personalization, and microtargeting to maximize your ROI on marketing efforts.
If you’re ready to learn more about our sweepstakes list, contact us. Our knowledgeable account representatives will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are meeting your business goals. We’ll answer any questions you have and review all the data points so you are confident using our lists.

If you’re looking for a high-quality leads provider, you’ve found it with Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing.